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Five Things I Loved About Lincoln

Honest, Abe.


56 Movie Titles Made Into Cat Puns

Cattyshack. The Big Meowski. The Clawfather.

The Greatest Movies Never Made

Harry & Kumar Go to White Castle After smoking some gillyweed, Harry Potter and Kumar Patel get the munchies for some delicious White Castle burgers. Will they apparate to White Castle or will…

Warner Bros Releases NolanVision

“Unbelievable,” said Jared Hamburger, stumbling out into the night after a showing of Eat Pray Love, the debut of NolanVision in New York City this past weekend. “Does God exist? Does love exist?”…

Brainstorming The Upcoming Sherlock Holmes Movie

We were thinking that afterward Holmes could have a bad case of the munchies and see Watson as a big steak, you know, with a bowler hat.

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