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Point/Counterpoint – If You’re Not Going to Move, Get Out of the Way! vs. Excuse Me, This is an Arch Sing

Point: If You’re Not Going to Move, Get Out of the Way! By Max Philips ’19 No other way to say it: I’m a busy man. I’ve got classes, meetings, and interviews all…


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: Reflections on Four Years of Failure

I HAVE FAILED THIS INSTITUTION. I have spent four years as part of The Princeton Tiger, the campus’ one and only intentionally funny publication (I said “intentionally,” Tory, Prince), and despite that, and…


Porphyria’s Hookup

The rain set early in to-night, The sullen wind was soon awake, It tore past Elm Drive pre-game lights, And did its worst to vex the Lake: I listen’d with heart fit to…


Reading as Writing: A Nass Article About Reading a Nass Article

When I was little, I wasn’t the kid throwing the football, playing with a dollhouse, or throwing a football at a dollhouse—I was the one with a book. My parents, passionate about reading…


Blood and the Badge: An Agent Powers Story

Written by Public Safety Officer Brian Powers   Agent Powers crept down the filthy hallway of the decrepit commune. Shifty eyes gleamed menacingly from behind crooked doors. It was a dangerous place. But,…


Testing Tips for Finals Period from the Honor Code Committee

It’s that time of the year again. Final exams are upon us and with finals come Honor Code violations. There’s always a lot of question about policies and we here at the Honor…


We Need to Have a Pluralistic, Open-Minded Debate About Your Sex Life

By Anne Scombe ’16   America is changing, and so are our moral values and sexual ethics. I appreciate several of the changes that have happened in our culture over the last few decades,…


Robert George Has Fucking Crazy Newman’s Day

Shortly after waking up in a garbage can behind Frist Food Gallery on Saturday night, Robert P. George, the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, proudly announced to Tiger reporters that he…


Princeton’s New Hot Profession: Divestment Banker

Gone are the days when the graduating class of Princeton University would descend en masse onto Lower Manhattan to take their spots in the trading floors and brokerage houses of Wall Street. No longer…


Student Proves Opinion Correct by Posting Picture of Self on Facebook

Percy Worthington ’16 proved his opinion correct by posting a picture of himself on Facebook, sources say, pioneering a new 21st century style of argumentation that logicians are calling argumentum ad selfie. “For…

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