Chairman’s Letters

Spires and Gargoyles — Reunions 2015

A message from the chairman: The morning sun glances through the window, its light refracting off a half-empty handle of Tico’s Rum perched on the sill. You sit up and rub your eyes…


Spires and Gargoyles — Love, Actually

A Message from the Chairman Or is it Chairwoman? That’s right. While the boys were out cradling their fragile masculinity and enjoying the ordinary language of day-to-day existence that always includes their sex,…

Spires and Gargoyles — The Farce Awakens

A message from the chairman: Six hours. That’s the combined runtime of the first three Star Wars movies. Appreciate that number for a moment. Six hours. That’s a bad night’s sleep. That’s a day spent on Facebook…

Spires and Gargoyles — The Best Damn Place of All

A message from the chairman: Welcome to Princeton! Welcome to the Orange Bubble! Welcome to “the best damn place of all” or so I was told last Reunions by a sixty-year old alumnus, who screamed that phrase…


Spires & Gargoyles – Valentine’s Day 2015

Morning comes and you wake up in a cold sweat. A glance at the calendar and your worst suspicions are confirmed. February 14th is one day closer. Time has done what it always…


Spires and Gargoyles – December 2014

Here at The Princeton Tiger, we typically put together an issue in a single heart-pounding weekend of production marked by the debauched trinity of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll. But come Sunday morning, we awoke…


Spires and Gargoyles — Hogwarts

There is a moment on every campus tour when someone looks up at Holder Tower cutting the sky in two and whispers to their neighbor, “Wow, this place is just like Hogwarts.”

Spires and Gargoyles – Reunions 2014

A message from the chairman: It is 5 am on the Sunday morning after Reunions, you are under a tent at the 5th smoking a Camel, and you have seen some things. You…


Spires and Gargoyles – April 2014

Welcome back from Spring Break! With any luck, you spent your entire break on a remote, tropical island and were not stuck in time, trapped in a ululating hellscape woven between moments, because,…


Spires and Gargoyles – December 2013

Yesterday, I went to the office of President Eisgruber to request he accept my resignation from the position of Chairman of The Princeton Tiger and, consequently, director of covert operations at Princeton University.

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