A Guide to the Street: Hulfish Street

Hey freshmen! Now that you’re at Princeton, it’s time that you learned the lay of the land. You’re going to be hearing about partying on “the Street” and how important it is to…

Lingua Princetonia

Princeton students have developed a unique vocabulary that may seem daunting to the yet-unversed freshman class. To help out the newest Princetonians, Tiger has accumulated a useful list of the most common abbreviations,…

sherlock (1)

Eight Signs You Went to Princeton But Have Total Retrograde Amnesia

You ALWAYS tell people you went to “a small liberal arts school in New Jersey” because that’s all you’ve been able to piece together of the life you had before.


Princeton in the Movies!

Last month, actor/director James Franco filmed several scenes from his upcoming blockbuster, The Sound and the Fury, on Princeton’s campus. Here are some other famous films that were also filmed at Princeton… See how many you can recognize!


Who Said It: Eisgruber or Pinochet?

Can you figure out which quotes are from Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber and which are from Brutal Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet?


Princeton Application Essay Word Cloud


Who Is This Man? A Profile of President Eisgruber

Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber opens up about his adventurous past and talks about his journey to the job.

Illustrated by CSO '15

Campus Safety Alert

This is NOT a test. Because of an anticipated surplus of alcohol in the Princeton University Public Safety staff lounge, students and faculty are advised to come down-campus and help us kill these 30-racks starting at 10 pm today, March 27th and continuing into the early hours of March 28th.


T.I. Petitions U.S. Government for Direct Connection to Keystone Pipeline

In a meeting last week with members of the House Subcommittee on Pipe and Line Related Matters, Tiger Inn officers petitioned for government funding of an extension to the Keystone Pipeline to the Princeton area.


The Princeton Admissions Officer Drinking Game

As Princeton officials filtered through these files, faced with life-altering decisions—the future of so many kids at the mercy of their best judgment—they played a drinking game.

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