Sixty Nine

I like my sex big and 69,000 is as big as it gets.


Tiger Admirers Through Time

    – GAW ’16. Illustrated by BAF ’17.


The Street From Hell

Ah, time for a good night out! You’ve pregamed nicely, your friends are going to meet you up ahead, you’ve got passes everywhere. But wait—something’s different about Prospect tonight. Somehow it’s more sinister….


Friend Who Got In Empathizes With Friend Who Was Hosed

Newly-accepted Cannon member Josephine Glendon ’17 decided to be the bigger person Friday, leaving a Cannon event early to comfort her friend and roommate of two years, Cynthia Armstrong ’17, who was hosed…


Hosed Bickerees Grateful for Sympathetic Facebook Post

Sophomores who were recently hosed from Tower reported Friday that they were grateful for the show of support they received from Tower members via Facebook. “If things didn’t work out for you this…


Ivy Bicker Chair Invokes the Ivy Bicker Gods

As Bicker continues, Ivy Bicker Chair Augustus IV gathered members of the Ivy Club Tuesday night to formally invoke the Ivy Bicker Gods. Augustus IV, formerly known as Rich Hankins ’16, was chosen…


Club’s Bicker Process Not Like the Other Clubs’ Bicker Processes

Much to the relief of several worried sophomores, Angela Franklin ’15 assured potential bickerees that Cap & Gown’s Bicker process was “totally different” from that of the other clubs. “I was worried it…


Attractive Fraternity Brother Has “Right Attitude” for Bicker

According to multiple friends, attractive Kappa Alpha member Jeff Clarke ’17 is going to do great in Bicker. “Jeff is just a fun guy – any club would be lucky to have someone…


Nevertheless, Woman to Bicker T.I.

In a move that has stunned observers, local woman Laura Blake ’17 has evidently decided, nevertheless, to bicker Tiger Inn. Blake, who identifies as a woman and was accepted to Princeton University, for…

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