Let’s Get a Meal Some Time

“I’m so glad we did this,” Eleanor said as we left Wilcox. “People always say, ‘Let’s get a meal sometime,’ but nobody ever follows through. It was great seeing you!” “You too!” I…


What Does “Bike Reform” Actually Mean?

The campus debate on bike reform has reached a fever pitch, but one question remains: what is bike reform?


BREAKING: New York Times Breaks Campus News Before Campus Newspaper

At 8:57 pm, while the top story on the Daily Princetonian’s webpage was “Cartoon: Family Survivor Tips,” the New York Times broke a story about last week’s ouster of Tiger Inn officers Adam Krop and Andrew Hoffenberg. The scoop comes just…

IvyBank: Smart and Driven Sperm


Hero’s Journey: My Road to Greatness

Midterm elections were last week, and as every one knows, the greatest politicians are forged in in the trials of college student governments. Here’s a look back at one particularly ambitious freshman’s campaign speech.


All Hail Princetonia

On September 18th, the people of Scotland voted on a referendum to break off from the United Kingdom and become a sovereign nation. The referendum failed, but that’s beside the point. The point is that if Scotland can (almost) become independent, why shouldn’t Princeton University become a nation in its own right, too?


16 Incredibly Impressive People We Wish Were Princeton Students

John von Neumann: Yes, by age 19 he’d already published two papers in mathematics, one of which replaced Cantor’s definition of ordinal numbers. But that was at  Pázmány Péter University! Just imagine if he’d had…


Urgent PTENS Meningitis Texts

Following a number of zany texts earlier this year about meningitis from the University’s Emergency Notification System, the school adopted a more aggressive anti-disease stance.


Class Council Campaign Promises

Free townies, rain means class is optional, and residential college graveyards.


McGraw Center Study Tips THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW

Go to class Go to the right class Remember that large lectures can’t be missed but nobody will notice if you skip precept Make the kid with the glasses be your lab partner…

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