The True Founding of Forbes

Being in Forbes can be a bit of a disappointment for those first-year students who dreamt of living at the heart of their school, but according to recent research, there is a hidden history behind the walk to these far-off dormitories.


College Confidential Guide to Dating at Princeton

Dating can be stressful. The pressure to have a date as you go to a senseless, drunken orgy of a party is only increasing with time. But don’t fret, because College Confidential has 3 easy tips to help you poach a tiger.


Nassau Hall is Not a Dungeon

Occasionally through the course of your years at Princeton, you will see friends come and go, disappearing to reappear a year, two years, later. This is because they are simply “taking time off”…


How to Succeed in Precept (Without Really Trying)

Woodrow Wilson’s little-known fifteenth point was “there should be precepts,” and today he is remembered more for his dedication to the idea of student discussions than for his fervent anti-Semitism. Some find precepts a great forum for exchanging ideas, others find them an efficient means of identifying the biggest tools on campus, but whatever your opinion, you’re going to have to go to precept. Sometimes.

Dorm Party Do’s and Don’ts

School’s back in session. Time to wipe off that intern-sweat and shiv your boredom with the cool dagger of excessive drinking.


A Message from Princeton Student Agencies



Hookup Horticulture

You’ve heard a lot of exciting stuff about the Hookup Culture here in the realm of tertiary education. You’re trying to get in on that, but how? You know you have to find…


If Other Authors Had Been Disillusioned by Princeton

It’s well known that F. Scott Fitzgerald was disillusioned by what he saw as the decadence of Princeton life, but he sells the University short. That’s not to say he was wrong—how many towns in America can say a major event is the Banana Republic being replaced by a Brooks Brothers?—but there are so many other reasons to be disillusioned by Princeton that Ol’ Fitzy never even touched on.

admission 650

Reasons You Chose Princeton

You thought it might help your chances of getting into Cottage. You didn’t know Princeton was in New Jersey. For the chance to scream “More like ASSau Hall!” when you get your first,…

A Letter to Eisgruber: Eisgruber’s Response

Yesterday, our Chairman sent this e-mail to President Eisgruber.  Much to our surprise, he soon replied. ——————————————– Dear Timothy, Thank you for these extremely delinquent congratulations.  As you might imagine, Tiger Magazine’s felicitations…

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