Student Wins Precept

When asked for general thoughts on the book his professor wrote, a student posed a question so intellectual, thought-provoking and unquestionably correct that his professor, Bernard Kensington, was unable to muster a response.


An Open Letter to the Princeton A Cappella Community

I auditioned for every single a cappella group that Princeton has to offer: The Tigertones, The Roaring Twenties, The Nassoons, The Tiger Lilies… all of them, but not one of the groups gave me so much as a callback because of blatant and unabashed discrimination.


President Eisgruber Steps Down, Cites Three-Year Affair with David Petraeus

In a move that has shaken the Princeton community to its very core, President Christopher L. Eisgruber resigned from his position Monday morning, revealing a “passionate, tragic” affair between himself and former U.S. Army General David Petraeus.


Presidential Initiation Investigated for Hazing

Being the President of Princeton University has its responsibilities. Controlling the direction of the nation’s most prestigious research institution, managing the affairs of one of the most intelligent faculty bodies in the world, and overseeing the education of an internationally-acclaimed undergraduate body, to name a few. But recent administrative investigations suggest that this authority may come at a cost: pledge-hood.


The True Founding of Forbes

Being in Forbes can be a bit of a disappointment for those first-year students who dreamt of living at the heart of their school, but according to recent research, there is a hidden history behind the walk to these far-off dormitories.


College Confidential Guide to Dating at Princeton

Dating can be stressful. The pressure to have a date as you go to a senseless, drunken orgy of a party is only increasing with time. But don’t fret, because College Confidential has 3 easy tips to help you poach a tiger.


Nassau Hall is Not a Dungeon

Occasionally through the course of your years at Princeton, you will see friends come and go, disappearing to reappear a year, two years, later. This is because they are simply “taking time off”…


How to Succeed in Precept (Without Really Trying)

Woodrow Wilson’s little-known fifteenth point was “there should be precepts,” and today he is remembered more for his dedication to the idea of student discussions than for his fervent anti-Semitism. Some find precepts a great forum for exchanging ideas, others find them an efficient means of identifying the biggest tools on campus, but whatever your opinion, you’re going to have to go to precept. Sometimes.

Dorm Party Do’s and Don’ts

School’s back in session. Time to wipe off that intern-sweat and shiv your boredom with the cool dagger of excessive drinking.


A Message from Princeton Student Agencies


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