Girl Kiss Academy: Strategy Guide

anime teacher

1. (click on door) Enter Girl Kiss Academy,

Oh no, Principal Kiko is there!

2. (click) “Sorry I am late, ma’am”

3. (click) “Detention?!”

4. (click) “I only want to get a passing


5. (click) “But Principal…

    2 D’s are not a passing grade”

6. (click) “Oh, I understand.”

7. (click) “haha”

8. (click) “You were not talking about grades”

9. (click on mouth) Kiss Principal Kiko.

Congrats! you kissed a girl!

anime princess

11. (click Math door) Go to Math class.

Princess Sakura is there.

12. (click on scary mask) Put on scary mask.

13. (click on Princess Sakura)

14. (click on scary mask) Take off scary


15. (click) “I am sorry I scared you, Prin-


16. (click) “I could teach you math. Let’s try

      a sample question.”

17. (click) “kiss divided by x equals one. What does x


18. (click) “That was almost the right answer, Princess. Try


19. (click) “Try again.”

20. (click) “You have a beautiful mouth. try again”

21. (click) “you got it!”

22. (click on mouth) Kiss Princess Sakura.

Congrats! you kissed a girl!

24. (click on Science door) Go to science class.

Professor Momiko is there. Will you have “chemistry”? ;-)

25. (click on scary mask) Put on scary mask.

26. (click on mouth) Kiss Professor Momiko.

Congrats you kissed a girl!

anime kiss

27. (click on sports door) Go to sports class.

Uh oh! School bully Tomika is in your way!

29. (click) “your lips are strong like your arms”

30. (click anywhere) kiss Tomika.

You get The Kiss Trophy! You are a kiss stallion! Now let’s get to sports class!

31. (click on sports door) Go to sports class.

Famous J-pop singer Hikaru Nishida is there! Wow!

32. (click on dodgeball)

33. (click on Hikaru Nishida)

34. (click) “Wow. You’re good at dodgeball.”

35. (click) “haha? I’ve never played dodge lips before”

36. (click) “how do you play?”

37. (click) “so many rules!”

38. (click on mouth) Kiss Hikaru Nishida.

40. (click) “I guess I’m not good at dodging lips, am I?”

41. (click) “haha”

42. (click on scary mask) Take off scary mask.

Congrats! you kissed all the girls!

anime cosplay

Tips and Tricks:

  • Do not click go to the cafeteria. There are no girls there!!!
  • If you eat the garlic cloves Professor Momiko will be frown. She will still kiss you though ;-)
  • Check behind the lamp. Is that a didlo?!?! You are a kiss stallion.
  • Principal Kiko is not a real Principal.
  • Don’t play on mute. You won’t hear the kissing!
  • I love Princess Sakura.
  • Put your ear to the basement. Is that kissing???? ;-)


  • 2Kawaii: Eye size increase by 200%.
  • MaoriMode: All characters are Maori!
  • KissStallion: Get some “tail” (get it?!)
  • SakuraLips: Princess Sakura has no lips.
  • NoScary: Fewer scary masks = more challenge.
  • GirlKissAcademy2: Haha. Tricked you! Japan hasn’t invented a sequel yet!



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