Songs the Beach Boys Would Have Sung If They Were A Christian Rock Group

Beach Boys Photo

• “Baptized by Breakers”
• “Jesus is the Only Surfboard I Need”
• “The 11th Commandment: Stay Salty”
• “God Put the ‘G’ in Gnarly”
• “Bible Banzai!”
• “Are There Beach Babes in Heaven?”
• “My Surfboard Isn’t Big Enough for This
Christmas Tree”
• “God is Awesome (Like the Beach)”
• “I Hope These Pews Are Waterproof”
• “Purity Ring Tan Line”
• “Satan Can’t Shred Like I Can”
• “And God Said ‘Let there be High Tide’”
• “Crucifix Calabunga!”
• “The Perfect Wave (Part That Sea, Moses)”
• “When You’re God, Every Beach is a Nude
• “Good Vibrations”

— DRC ’16

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