Assorted Poetry

11/14: A Haiku
November fourteenth
If today is your birthday
Your mom got flowers

Traffic Lights Suck
Violets are red
Roses are blue
Oh shit I’m colorblind
Now what do I do?

Dear Bridget
Your eyes
bright blue as the sky
and equally vacant
Your lips
like roses in bloom
and just as painful to touch
Your hair
like the finest silk
appears to have been excreted by larvae
Your skin
smooth as a tranquil lake
and just as weirdly salty
Your soul
as pure as our love
and equally nonexistent

– MG ’16

A Prince Limerick

A Prince staffer facing a deadline
exceeded his bodily redline.
He wrote so much copy
his pen got too floppy
to even take pleasure in headline.

On Anscombe

The poor folks at Anscombe Society
all fret from a certain anxiety:
that one of their pack
might say something wack
and fail to attain notoriety.

– JMC ’16

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