Reinterpreting Antiquity

Let’s be honest: Who hasn’t walked through a museum at some point in their life and thought to themselves that archaeologists are full of baloney? I certainly have. For instance, when I was visiting the Istanbul Archaeology Museum this summer, I found some examples of artifacts that the museum clearly didn’t fully appreciate. Here are my “alternative” explanations for the origins of these pieces:

The Chariot Safety PSA

Wear a helmet, kids.

The Ancient Brady Bunch

There is just nothing original on TV anymore.

 The Persian Laughing at a Headless Greek

"You should be headed in that direction." Also, they had really small... dogs.

 The Proto-Bros

Scroll bump, Chaddeus.

 The Ancient Greek Prozac Commercial

Side effects may include nausea, anxiety, and pederasty.

-SRS ’13 and JRV ’12

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