P Diddy to Join Fox News on New “Hannity and Combs”


NEW YORK, NY – Fox News announced this morning that the latest addition to its primetime lineup will include rapper Sean Combs. The rapper and political activist, better known to the public under one of his many aliases, including “Puff Daddy”, “Puffy”, and most recently “P Diddy,” is expected to bring a much needed liberal balance to the conservative viewpoints of Sean Hannity, who will be his co-host on the new show.

Fox News producer Anthony Myers recalled that the two got off to a rocky start: “The first test show didn’t go too well. Hannity said something in which he referred to African-Americans as ‘you people’ and P Diddy got pretty offended, threatening to ‘bust a cap’ in Hannity’s ass.”

Myers reports, however, that the situation was defused and that the two are now getting along famously.

“The two really hit it off when they discovered their mutual love of ‘white parties.’ Of course, P Diddy is famous for throwing these lavish parties at his house in the Hamptons. A lot of celebrities show up and everyone wears all white clothing. We’re not really sure what’s going to happen when P Diddy discovers that Hannity’s ‘white party’ is something entirely different.”

– BE

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