Quickie News: Campus Feminists’ Participation in “No Shave November” A Success

no shave novemberThis past month, campus feminists decided to participate in “No Shave November,” with the rousing endorsement of gender pioneer President Shirley Tilghman, who pledged to do the same. In a press release, campus feminists stated that “it’s unfair that women have a social obligation to shave their legs while men are often considered more attractive when they don’t shave.” Shirls took her participation to a new level, adding, “In fact, more than making an important gender political statement, participating in ‘No Shave November’ has yielded other benefits. In the past, people never knew when I was saying something important. Now, whenever I make a profound statement, I just stroke my beard and it’s perfectly clear.” Campus feminists are happy with their foray into what was formerly a male tradition, but don’t want the practice to be taken too far; many fear the possibility of “Decembeard” or “Januarypornstache.”

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