RE: Archipelagos?

Date: 3/3/2007

To: Nancy W. Malkiel

Cc: Shirley M. Tilghman

From: Janet L. Rapelye

RE: Archipelagos?

As per your request, we have “upped” the number of Pacific Islander candidates accepted into the class of 2011. Recent studies have shown that such “chill” students greatly augment our designated “cool” campus image, creating an impression of warmer weather contrary to the WASP substratum. The Office for Campus Life is currently developing a set of solutions for keeping our students healthy, happy, and, most importantly, visible. Candidates enjoying outdoor activities also enjoyed more “well-rounded points” under the current admissions appraisal system. Princeton University will soon own a campus covered with numerous ethnic dance troupes continually performing outdoors. My colleagues in Financial Aid are currently reviewing the subsidization of cargo shorts, “ghetto-blasters,” and delightfully off-beat fashion accessories referencing the cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands. Will keep in touch on the matter and looking forward to cocktails tonight.



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