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Match.com Customer Care Ticket #42653

Dear Mr. Maxwell, Thank you for reaching out to the Match.com Customer Service Center. We hope this response to your recent complaint clears up all confusion and solves the problems you referenced. As…


How to Decorate Your Sex Dungeon

– CSO ’15.


Sixty Nine

I like my sex big and 69,000 is as big as it gets.


Relationship Dos and Don’ts From a Dog

Do Share your treats Wag your tail when you see your significant other Compliment their fur Sniff their butt Stay well groomed Cuddle up with them Lick their face Hold their paw when…


12 Times John Goodman Made Us The Thirstiest in 2014

1. 2014 was a truly #thirsty year for #teamJG with human salt-lick John Goodman making more red carpet appearances than ever before. 2. We’re guessing this Big Lebowski star has a Big LeWOWski…


Valentine’s Day Texts From Chad

Chad romance.

The 5 People Everyone Had Sex With Freshman Year

Forget algebra! College = sex is the only equation we ever learned. These are the four years you can let loose, and everyone knows the first year’s the craziest!


A Valentine’s Day Sex Overload

SEX OVERLOADS. Everybody knows them. Everybody fears them. You’ll be heading to Late Meal or whatever, you know, just out and about and minding your own business, when— SEX. It comes flying out at you from every nook and cranny…


World-Famous Rock Star Chad Kroeger Falls in Love With Amanda, Age 15, by Amanda, Age 15

It was a bright and not-stormy day, and Chad Kroeger sat by himself in the corner booth of Big Horns Diner, drinking a hot coffee in full view of the Montana sunlight.


How to Lose a Lover in 10 Words

We know you, Princeton student. You hate commitment! You complain about semesters that are only 12 weeks long and can’t even stay in a lecture for a full hour. So if you’re in a relationship…

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