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Five Places in America To Visit If You Really Have Nothing Better To Do

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, Allentown PA This fairly run-of-the-mill theme park in eastern Pennsylvania is probably good for a moderately amusing afternoon. It’s Peanuts-themed, which is kind of fun, though most of…


Ruthless American Grilling Tyrant Overthrown in Bloodless Family Coup

With football tailgate season well underway, sources claim that local uncle Gary Bendenberg has been deposed from his self-proclaimed position of “King of the Grill” in a bloodless coup. Bendenberg, known only as…


3 Tips on Finally Coming Out to the Person You’ve Been Relentlessly Cyberbullying

#1. Be ready for the worst Maybe this will not change anything for Gary. Maybe he will say, “I love you no matter what,” “I am proud of who you are,” or “I…

Best Days

The Best Days in American History

America is a great place. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. But these days, you can’t talk about anything from the past without that revisionist know-it-all from down the hall…

How to Draw a Political Cartoon

How To Write a Political Cartoon

Well, hey there, palerinos, are you boys and girls excited to learn how to draw the fuck out of some political cartoons? I know I sure am! Political cartoons are the height of…

US conversations

How to Talk Like an American

Howdy, my fellow internationals. As immigrants in America, we seek to acclimatise as well as possible in the land of the free (firearm with every purchase above $10), and with a Trump presidency,…


The National Parks Suck and We All Know it

Our national parks have been a source of American pride for decades, a symbol of our love for our land. And if you’ve ever actually been to one, you also know they’re complete…


It is the Burger King

It is the Burger King Strange traveler, I warn you Ahead lies only sizzling destruction The crackling voice of Temptation seduces those who brave the drive-thru line Ruin and terror await behind glass…


New Evidence Suggests The Native Americans Had Dibs

WASHINGTON—Leading historians from the Smithsonian Institute revealed Tuesday that new evidence has emerged suggesting that the Native Americans had previously called dibs on the land now comprising much of the continental United States….


What is Barack Obama Going to Do Now?

Try out bangs Demonstrate exercise equipment in late-night infomercials   Finally let out that fart he’s been holding in for eight years Take an 18-minute nap Force Sarah McLachlan into retirement and sing…

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