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I’ve Started Using the Up/Down Toilet Flush System to Coordinate my Hookups–Here’s Why You Should Too!

Most of you all are probably quite familiar with the popular hookup app Tinder. Perhaps even more of you are familiar with Princeton’s world-renowned two-flush toilet system–up for liquids, down for solids. But…


Porphyria’s Hookup

The rain set early in to-night, The sullen wind was soon awake, It tore past Elm Drive pre-game lights, And did its worst to vex the Lake: I listen’d with heart fit to…


We Need to Have a Pluralistic, Open-Minded Debate About Your Sex Life

By Anne Scombe ’16   America is changing, and so are our moral values and sexual ethics. I appreciate several of the changes that have happened in our culture over the last few decades,…

The Mysterious Life of the Sexually Frustrated: A Documentary

In this orange bubble, there lives a breed that can sit in the library for hours on end, create cellular applications, and invest in derivatives. While they may look primitive, their minds are…


How Can Consent Be Real If Our Sex Isn’t Real?

Ever felt that online debates surrounding rape culture could be ended if that one special person would just chime in? Jaden Smith is here to save the day, taking inspiration from his favorite publication, The Princeton Tory.


Green Eggs and Daaaaaamn

I do not like Green Eggs, but damn…


The Most Sustainable Excerpts from 50 Shades of Green

Right now, the only thing hotter than global warming is this steamy new romp from G.W. Jameson. The novel, printed on mostly recycled material, follows the passionate commitment to helping our planet shared…

Frederick Douglass: Civil Rights Pioneer or Dangerous Pedophile?

When you learned about Frederick Douglass in your middle school history class, did you think there was something a little off about him? Well, you’re not alone. Consider the following: DNA evidence is…

Discrimination By (Lack of) Sex

Young abstainers are fleeing the ranks in increasing number, citing peers taunting them for their unusual behavior.

Is It Sex?

In today’s world of sexual promiscuity, it can be hard for young people to stay chaste until marriage. As all sorts of new erotic fads and practices continue to blur the line between virginity and virsinity, we offer you this thought-provoking exercise to help you orient your moral compass (your dick) (or perhaps vagina):

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