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Reading as Writing: A Nass Article About Reading a Nass Article

When I was little, I wasn’t the kid throwing the football, playing with a dollhouse, or throwing a football at a dollhouse—I was the one with a book. My parents, passionate about reading…


We Need to Have a Pluralistic, Open-Minded Debate About Your Sex Life

By Anne Scombe ’16   America is changing, and so are our moral values and sexual ethics. I appreciate several of the changes that have happened in our culture over the last few decades,…


University Affirms It’s In Favor of the Rest of the Constitution, Too

After issuing a vague statement passionately insisting that they support the First Amendment, which, presumably, they already did, Princeton’s faculty announced Friday that they also supported the main body of the Constitution, as well…


George Washington’s Rules for Most Satisfactory Love-Making

George Washington, the famously fastidious founding paternal figure, wrote down rules for etiquette still held sacred by many Americans. Less well-known but equally important are his Rules for Most Satisfactory Love-Making, presented below for the first…


Match.com Customer Care Ticket #42653

Dear Mr. Maxwell, Thank you for reaching out to the Match.com Customer Service Center. We hope this response to your recent complaint clears up all confusion and solves the problems you referenced. As…


Friend Who Got In Empathizes With Friend Who Was Hosed

Newly-accepted Cannon member Josephine Glendon ’17 decided to be the bigger person Friday, leaving a Cannon event early to comfort her friend and roommate of two years, Cynthia Armstrong ’17, who was hosed…


Hosed Bickerees Grateful for Sympathetic Facebook Post

Sophomores who were recently hosed from Tower reported Friday that they were grateful for the show of support they received from Tower members via Facebook. “If things didn’t work out for you this…


In Defense of Bicker: People Are Assholes In The Real World, So I Should Be An Asshole To You Here

By Andy Chesterfield ’16, member of a Bicker club I’m the first to admit that Bicker isn’t perfect, but recent discussion about bicker being “elitist,” “superficial,” and “pointlessly detrimental to campus social life”…


Ivy Bicker Chair Invokes the Ivy Bicker Gods

As Bicker continues, Ivy Bicker Chair Augustus IV gathered members of the Ivy Club Tuesday night to formally invoke the Ivy Bicker Gods. Augustus IV, formerly known as Rich Hankins ’16, was chosen…

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