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Campus Safety Alert

This is NOT a test. Because of an anticipated surplus of alcohol in the Princeton University Public Safety staff lounge, students and faculty are advised to come down-campus and help us kill these 30-racks starting at 10 pm today, March 27th and continuing into the early hours of March 28th.


Student Becomes First to Ever Read Traffic Alert Email, Discovers Warren of Madness

Gabriella Garcia Vargas ’17 recently became the first person to read the entirety of a University “Traffic Alert” email, inadvertently discovering a dark hive of unimaginable, soul-shearing insanity in the process.

Dr Sex

Ask Dr. Sex

A lot of people have asked me where my favorite place to do the sex is. I always tell these people that there is no place better than Prospect Garden. But it is no easy task because I assume that you want to keep it a secret from onlookers and P-Safe. Let me take a couple of moments to explain the best strategy.


Missing Child Discovered in Dorm

On Wednesday, October 16, a two-year-old child was found in a single in Bloomberg during a routine fire inspection. The toddler was discovered sitting in a hamper-turned-playpen, playing with a sock and a hot pink sports bra.

Library Bag-checker Foils Heist Years in the Making

PRINCETON, NJ – At approximately 3:30pm last Wednesday, Princeton University junior Darren Matthews exited Firestone Library with a copy of Statistical Records: Census Results of Bolivia Vol.12 hidden in his backpack. Firestone library…

Unicyclist Reports Theft of Front of Bike

PRINCETON, NJ – The unicyclist spotted riding around campus has reported the theft of the front of his bicycle to Public Safety, senior officials at Public Safety reported. “People think I’m just being…

Public Safety Weekly Crime Blog

Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 Incident: Burglary and Theft The Department of Public Safety is alerting community members of a burglary and theft that occurred at Forbes Addition, between approximately 12:28 p.m. and…

PU Junior Arrested for Lewd Conduct in Brown Hall Bathroom

Footsy or Entrapment? PRINCETON, NJ — On Saturday Princeton University student Craig Larry, ’09, was arrested by Public Safety for signaling his desire for sex with the occupant of the adjacent stall. The…

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