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Scalia Writes “Rights” on a Piece of Paper, Pisses on It

Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia makes some controversial remarks at Princeton.


Fire Safety to Administer Literal Fire Drills Tuesday

In a follow-up to their Thursday email regarding the upcoming fire drills, Housing Operations announced today that they were putting aside the traditional fire-drill procedure, where fire drill personnel direct students out of their dorms, in favor of another procedure that involves the use of actual drills of fire.


University Raises Sushi Prices Yet Again, Resulting in Mass Student Outrage and Chaos

Not long after lowering sushi prices after student discontent, Princeton University was forced to raise sushi prices yet again.


Top 10 Ways To Troll This Parent’s Weekend

Yes, be an asshole.

The Tiger’s Hymn

The Schools You Could Have Gone To (or, There’s Nothing Wrong With Ending a Title in a Preposition) You could have gone to Harvard And been a Crimson man. But what the fuck’s…

‘Twas the Night Post-Commencement

‘Twas the night post-commencement When all through my head Not a thought there was stirring But fear, doubt, and dread. My parents paid dearly, Got bills upon bills. But what am I left…

“Through Prefrosh Eyes”

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Sleeping Positions: A Clinical Study

An intensive study performed through Dean’s Date and finals period has culminated in the following psychological profile of the habits of Homo Sapiens Princetoniae with regards to general resting and slumber-related behavior.  …


Princeton’s Faust: An Adaptation of Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust By: Stephen Stolzenberg  PART I Cast: Mephistopheles (the Devil) God (The President of the University) Faust (The hero) Brander, Frosch, Siebel, and Altmayer –…

The 7 People You Will Meet Your Freshman Year

The Kid Who’s Just Really Excited to Be Here This is the kid whose wardrobe is comprised of a rotation of all of the free residential college gear he received, along with a…

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