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A Beautiful Mind: A Ted Cruz Story

The year is 1988. A cramped double in 1937 Hall. Half of the room looks like pretty standard college dorm fare: there’s a Jimi Hendrix poster on the wall, a few textbooks strewn…


The Kama Sutra of Extremely Average Sex

The “Tripping While Removing Your Pants”  The lover removes their leg garments, stumbling slightly in the process. If they fall flat on their face, performing the act of “eating shit”, they may feign to…


The Tiger Guide to Ivy League Winter Fashion

Looking for the hottest styles to wear during the cold months ahead? Look no further.


Alternative Dating Apps

Not having any luck on Tinder, Grindr, or OKCupid? Sick of meeting people over Craigslist and repeatedly getting kidnapped? Bored of everyone you meet on Christian Mingle turning out to be a depraved serial…


How to Get a Sweet Ride

Razor Scooter Razor scooters are dope as heck. Will Krantz’s mom let him get one last Christmas and he can already do wheelies on his. It’s so tight. If you want to get…


A Guide to Princeton Precept Etiquette

As you begin your first semester here at Princeton, you’ll be introduced to a type of class known as the “precept.” You’re probably wondering what exactly a “precept” is. Well, it’s actually very…


Is Your Teen Doing “Weed?”

Has your child been acting strangely in recent years? Odds are, they are using illegal drugs to become “high.” Be on the lookout for the following telltale signs.


The Most Sustainable Excerpts from 50 Shades of Green

Right now, the only thing hotter than global warming is this steamy new romp from G.W. Jameson. The novel, printed on mostly recycled material, follows the passionate commitment to helping our planet shared…


My Juice Cleanse, Day 40

40 days ago, I started a quest to purify my body and soul via liquefied kale, and I’d love to share my thoughts on how it’s going with you guys! Let’s start with what I think are the main pros and cons so far.


All-Nighter Liveblog

Looks like I’ve put off my philosophy paper until the last minute! It’s on Kant… as in I KANT deal with this right now! So I’m gonna live blog my FIRST EVER ALL-NIGHTER for you guys, my faithful followers. LOL! #pumped #wishmeluck

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