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10 Awesome Things to 3D Print at Princeton, But To Be Fair, A Lot Of Them Are Keychains

3D printing is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting developments in modern technology. If you’re a Princeton student eager to try out this incredible new form of synthetic manufacturing, you’re in luck!…


Advice for Incoming Freshmen

You’re just a freshman, so it’s totally fine if you don’t know your major yet. That said, you should know my major. It’s Classics. A few years ago, some rowdy Princeton students started…


Ted Cruz Fails Turing Test

After conducting several laboratory experiments and carefully analyzing sound bites from debates, speeches, and advertisements, a highly trained team of computer scientists at the University of Chicago concluded earlier this week that Republican…


Why Don’t Any Girls Want to Date a Nice Guy Who Krazy Glued Both of His Hands to His Face?

I just don’t get women. They love to talk about how much they want to meet a nice guy who’ll treat them right, but when it comes to who they actually date, they…


LIFE HACK: Instead of Spending Money on a Tramp Stamp, Simply Tape a Yu-Gi-Oh Card to Your Lower Back

The tramp stamp is a proud American tradition. For decades, these decorative lower-back patterns have let the world know that those who wear them are ready for a walk on the wild side. Unfortunately,…

Honor Code

I’m Pretty Sure the Honor Code Doesn’t Say Anything About an Honest Mistake Between Two Cousins

  As a Princeton student, I take great pride in my adherence to the University Honor Code. In the past, I’ve looked to “Rights, Rules, Responsibilities” for insights on everything from lab research…

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