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Who Is This Man? A Profile of President Eisgruber

Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber opens up about his adventurous past and talks about his journey to the job.

Illustrated by CZY '15, AJS '15 & CSO '15

Clumsy, Bumbling Green Beret Squad Stabilizes Middle East

After a wholly improbable sequence of events, the uncoordinated, ham-fisted Green Berets of ODA 5327 somehow managed to bring stability and order to the entire Middle East, learning a valuable lesson about the importance of friendship in the process.


Green Is Good

Seattle, WA. 11:25 am. The trendy green products markets open at 11:30. It’s game time.


Is Your Teen Doing “Weed?”

Has your child been acting strangely in recent years? Odds are, they are using illegal drugs to become “high.” Be on the lookout for the following telltale signs.


Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Children

When deciding whether or not to have a baby, it’s important to consider that human beings are the environment’s greatest threat. Every exhalation is a bullet in the wheel of Mother Nature’s motorcade. Before you try conceiving, remember that there are other, environmentally conscious options.

Illustrated by CSO '15

Campus Safety Alert

This is NOT a test. Because of an anticipated surplus of alcohol in the Princeton University Public Safety staff lounge, students and faculty are advised to come down-campus and help us kill these 30-racks starting at 10 pm today, March 27th and continuing into the early hours of March 28th.


Green Eggs and Daaaaaamn

I do not like Green Eggs, but damn…


The Most Sustainable Excerpts from 50 Shades of Green

Right now, the only thing hotter than global warming is this steamy new romp from G.W. Jameson. The novel, printed on mostly recycled material, follows the passionate commitment to helping our planet shared…

Crayones de cera

Rejected Crayon Colors

Gangreen Agent Orange Princeton Orange You Glad You Didn’t Go To Harvard Unhealthily Tan Uncle Looks Like Black But Draws Purple In The Navy The Handcuffs They Put On Daddy Silver Bad At…


Suburban Teenager Lives Sustainably by Purchasing Reuseable Coffee Mug

After reading an article on the detrimental effects of pollution on South American rainforests, Stacy Clark, 19, was inspired to reduce her carbon footprint and purchased a reusable coffee mug from Starbucks.

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