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The Heir of Whitman Returns

Shortly after the most recent case of meningitis was reported on campus, University Spokesperson Martin Mbugua confirmed that the mysterious “Heir of Whitman” had left another message promising further meningococcal illness.

The Real Reason the Dursleys Were Embarrassed to Take Harry Out in Public

KGR ’15  

XXX Versions of Harry Potter Movies

You-Know-Who’s You-Know What Accio Lesbians Bareback Centaurs 6 Practicing Parseltoungue 4 Whorecrux Patrol Debbie Does Slytherin House Elf House Orgy 3 Snape’s Dungeon Hufflepuff Sluts 2 Albus Dumbledore Presents: The Elder Wand Quidditch…

Another Movie-to-book Release? Really?

So I just saw the latest Harry Potter movie, and loved it. But as soon as I left the theater and entered the nearest Wal-Mart to buy myself a Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle,…

How I Would Use The Harry Potter Franchise

J.K. Rowling recently hinted to Oprah that she might consider writing more Harry Potter books. In the spirit of sucking any remaining life out of the franchise, here are some real-life products they…

J.K. Rowling Outs Even More People

After famously declaring a few weeks ago that Dumbledore was homosexual, JK Rowling has recently outed several more beloved children’s characters. “Winnie the Pooh is gay, Mother Goose is a lesbian, Santa Claus…

Writing That Seventh Book: The Writing of “Harry Potter 7”

“This is it.” Little Joanne Rowling took one last look in the mirror. Being English, her face was as white as a corpse, so all she needed to do was slip into her…

Harry Potter’s Acceptance Letter

Wotcher! We are pleased to offer you admission to Princeton University’s class of 2011. As we detail a few of the most significant University policies, we ask that you please refrain from allowing…

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