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Daily Princetonian Errata

– SBW ’15. Artwork by AZ ’16.

Marginally Computer Literate 17 Year Olds Heralded as Technology Savants by Mothers

  Today, the tech sphere was ablaze with the celebration as every American 13 to 25 year old was honored as techno-sages before a congregation of his mothers’ friends, family and peers. Exalting…

Google Completely Stumped for 2011 April Fool’s

With only two months to go to April Fool’s Day, Google engineers and executives have begun to worry that they still haven’t come up with a cracker for their traditional April Fool’s Day…

Total Domination: Google Plans World Takeover

In a Google Press Conference last week, CEO Eric Schmidt unveiled the latest Google software and products coming out over the next year: innovative business programs, a faster and more accurate search engine,…

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