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Arts & Transit & DRUGS Neighborhood??

The University claims that construction on the southwest side of campus is for a new “Arts & Transit Neighborhood,” to be completed by 2017. But by every indication of the current construction project,…

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Failed U-Store Items

ITEM                                                      REASON FOR FAILURE Dunce Caps                                     caused death at fraternity ‘head-jousting’ tournament Cereal                                                out-competed by Frosted Flakes Dildos                                                bright orange is a difficult color to hide Skateboards                                   50% of Forbes students hospitalized Vodka                                            …


10 Places the University Could’ve Put the Extra Freshmen

As many of our readers may know, Princeton University over-enrolled in the freshman class and is scrambling to find places to put all of the extra students. Ever concerned with the welfare of the university, we here at the Tiger have put our heads together and come up with some suggestions for effective ways to deal with the problem.

Freshman Lost During Outdoor Action Returns

In what students are calling a miracle of human endurance, the freshman Greg Shifter has finally returned to campus a full semester after the rest of his Outdoor Action group. The newest member of…

Reading Week Leaves Dozens of Forbesians with Crippling Muscle Atrophy

The malaise of Reading Week and Finals this past January at Princeton University has exacted even greater of a toll than usual on the minds and bodies of its students. For members of…

Forbes College: Why Is It Really So Far Away?

Throughout the years there have been only been a handful of questions, such as “When are the Asian tourists finally planning on staging the coup?” “Where do they keep the safe that holds…

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