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Testing Tips for Finals Period from the Honor Code Committee

It’s that time of the year again. Final exams are upon us and with finals come Honor Code violations. There’s always a lot of question about policies and we here at the Honor…

Final Exam

On Having Finals After Break

To having finals after break I’d favor burning at the stake. At least the fire wouldn’t take as long as death by Monster shake. At MIT, they may play Quake and Brown kids…

How to Take Notes For That Final You Have Tomorrow (and haven’t studied for)

KGR ’15

Sleeping Positions: A Clinical Study

An intensive study performed through Dean’s Date and finals period has culminated in the following psychological profile of the habits of Homo Sapiens Princetoniae with regards to general resting and slumber-related behavior.  …

Reading Week Leaves Dozens of Forbesians with Crippling Muscle Atrophy

The malaise of Reading Week and Finals this past January at Princeton University has exacted even greater of a toll than usual on the minds and bodies of its students. For members of…

Twas the Night Before Dean’s Date

Twas the night before Dean’s Date and perched on my chair, I threw up my hands and cried out in despair. The libr’y was full, not one sound broke the silence, Until I…

A Petrarchan Sonnet for Dean’s Date

How soon, so soon! our finals week arrives! It drives the best of us up to the brink And the rest of all of us to heavy drink. But we are Princeton so…

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