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Scandal: Princeton Eating Clubs In Trouble After Sophomore Pickups Descend into Chemical Warfare

This year’s round of eating club pickups took a turn for the early 1900s as existing members escalated their usual hijinks to things more sinister. As many of you may have been told…


Alternatives to the Eating Clubs

Have eating clubs got you down? Are you sick of relying on a broken, arcane system that forces you to rank all of your best friends in order to eat lunch with them?…


The Street From Hell

Ah, time for a good night out! You’ve pregamed nicely, your friends are going to meet you up ahead, you’ve got passes everywhere. But wait—something’s different about Prospect tonight. Somehow it’s more sinister….



I’ve been doing some contract work lately. Anscombe Society stuff. Why? Cause I’m the best in the biz, that’s why. I’ve been preventing hookups since you were wearing diapers, kid. I’m a professional. They call me “The Blocker.”


Quad Invents Eighth Day, Hundreds Disappear

Charter had Fridays. Cottage had Sundays. And even Tower had something. But one club stood among the rest without a day to its name. Quad. The humiliation was staggering. That’s when Quadrangle Club engineers came up with a novel solution. They would invent a new day. An eighth day. “Quad Day.”

USG Eating Clubs Task Force Recommends Replacing “Bo Po” with “Bro Po”

In a recent study of issues surrounding the university’s eating clubs, a Task Force headed by members of the student body has recommended that the Princeton Borough Police, or “Bo Po”, should be…

The Divine Parody

Midway upon the Street I found myself lost.
The dark and stony mansions I could not tell apart,
For I was an ignorant frosh.

A Zagat Survey of Prospect Street, Princeton University

Most visitors to the Princeton University campus wonder about “all this eating club business.” You may have even once found yourself asking, what precisely is an eating club? What a silly question! An…

At Princeton, A Bitter Tradition of Exclusion

By JANE KARR Mandy Hamilton sits listlessly, gazing out of her window as the cold late winter sun descends. Friends and neighbors fondly recall a girl who volunteered at soup kitchens and danced…

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