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Courses That Would Actually Be An Easy-A

Some of the so-called “Easy-A” courses at Princeton are simply too hard. We here at Tiger Mag recognize this serious problem and are here to help. Below you will find some prospective courses…

Reinterpreting Antiquity

Let’s be honest: Who hasn’t walked through a museum at some point in their life and thought to themselves that archaeologists are full of baloney? I certainly have. For instance, when I was visiting the…

A Short List of Presidential Bros

Brover Cleveland James Monbro Theodore Broosevelt Woodbro Wilson Franklin Deleanor Broosevelt Brahrack Brobama Bill Clinton

Lizstomania: 10 Things The Author Can Do Better Drunk

Remember the lyrics to ‘Stand by Me’ to the melody of ‘Lean on Me’ Yell people’s names, or a name that starts with the same first letter as their name, or a name…

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