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The 5 People Everyone Had Sex With Freshman Year

Forget algebra! College = sex is the only equation we ever learned. These are the four years you can let loose, and everyone knows the first year’s the craziest!


World-Famous Rock Star Chad Kroeger Falls in Love With Amanda, Age 15, by Amanda, Age 15

It was a bright and not-stormy day, and Chad Kroeger sat by himself in the corner booth of Big Horns Diner, drinking a hot coffee in full view of the Montana sunlight.


Alternative Dating Apps

Not having any luck on Tinder, Grindr, or OKCupid? Sick of meeting people over Craigslist and repeatedly getting kidnapped? Bored of everyone you meet on Christian Mingle turning out to be a depraved serial…


Tiger Admirers Through Time

    – GAW ’16. Illustrated by BAF ’17.


Spires and Gargoyles – December 2014

Here at The Princeton Tiger, we typically put together an issue in a single heart-pounding weekend of production marked by the debauched trinity of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll. But come Sunday morning, we awoke…


Six Unrealistic Scenarios that End with Me Kissing This Girl in My Hall

1. Conscription for the robot war has begun early. Princeton is torn to shreds.  Dorms are set aflame and the sky has turned a darkness blacker than the depths of Overlord Eisgruber’s eyes. Wilson…


A Guide to the Street: Hulfish Street

Hey freshmen! Now that you’re at Princeton, it’s time that you learned the lay of the land. You’re going to be hearing about partying on “the Street” and how important it is to…


Spires and Gargoyles — Hogwarts

There is a moment on every campus tour when someone looks up at Holder Tower cutting the sky in two and whispers to their neighbor, “Wow, this place is just like Hogwarts.”

Spires and Gargoyles – Reunions 2014

A message from the chairman: It is 5 am on the Sunday morning after Reunions, you are under a tent at the 5th smoking a Camel, and you have seen some things. You…

Humor is Worthless

People say that satire has the power to educate and change and even assert its author’s own opinions. They are wrong.

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