Scientists Isolate Antipope; Mysteries of Pope Asymmetry Remain

CERN, FRANCE – An international team of researchers today announced the first-ever isolation of a sample of antipope, a rare substance predicted by current Pope Theory.  Antipopes, which can be thought of as…

Designing the New Apple Tablet Computer

Apple’s new iPad tablet computer has been the subject of much hype, but do you know the real story behind it?

IPCC Climate Scientist: “This world shall burn!”

GENEVA – “Blindly you have ignored the signs; recklessly did you disregard our warnings.  Now this world shall burn!” said Dr. Daniel Bernstein at the IPCC’s press conference in Geneva.  Bernstein, a scientist…

Study Shows Drinking Improves Foreign Language Skills; Test Takers Accused of “Doping”

A recent groundbreaking study by Tiger Magazine’s psychological research team shows that there is a significant link between alcohol consumption and foreign language speaking ability. The study showed that as Blood Alcohol Content…

The Answer

Human civilization is on the brink of collapse. Consider the innumerable problems of the modern world: War. Famine. Poverty. The continued popularity of the Black Eyed Peas. All of these problems have a…

Profiles of Strong Women in Science: Susan C. Frericks

When Susan C. Frericks began her career in genomics ten years ago, no one took her seriously.  “It seemed that no matter how hard I worked or what I discovered, I was never…

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