Alternative Dating Apps

Not having any luck on Tinder, Grindr, or OKCupid? Sick of meeting people over Craigslist and repeatedly getting kidnapped? Bored of everyone you meet on Christian Mingle turning out to be a depraved serial…


Emoticons for an Evolving Age

Sometimes a crude, punctuation-based picture is worth a small collection of words. And in this age of smartphones, where texting could transform at any moment into meaningful conversation, never has the conservation of…


Everyone On Facebook Zuckerberg Except You

Only weeks after Facebook announced it had reached 1 billion users, a federal investigations commission has published a report revealing that the social networking site has only two certifiable account holders. One is none other than chief executive Mark Zuckerberg.


Scientists Eradicate Cancer: World Better Off

Big news shook the heavens yesterday as the Universal Regulation and Astronomical Science Society (URASS) decided to remove Cancer from the zodiac. URASS announced the act in response to the tragic alienation of one 16-year-old Madison Blitzberry, who, in the midst of a slumber party horoscope reading, stated that she was a Cancer.

EXCLUSIVE: A Sneak Peek at Zynga’s Next App

TigerMag has been able to get an exclusive look at the next big project out of app giant Zynga, the makers of hit games such as Words With Friends, Scramble With Friends, and…

Marginally Computer Literate 17 Year Olds Heralded as Technology Savants by Mothers

  Today, the tech sphere was ablaze with the celebration as every American 13 to 25 year old was honored as techno-sages before a congregation of his mothers’ friends, family and peers. Exalting…

My iPhone Weather App Needs More Icons

The weather app on my iPhone needs a few more icons that mean rain, I think. -JRV’12  

You Maniacs! You’ve Made Everything Self-Aware!

We should kill pretty much all lab animals. PETA, hold your horses (literally—we know you keep vicious attack stallions at your headquarters). Here’s why.

New Year’s Breakthrough: Times Square Travel?

Famous for engendering a disproportionate amount of excitement over its glaringly mundane pointlessness, the Ball Drop is oft compared to the Running of the Bulls- both in Spain and Chicago…

In Stunning Reversal, IAU Rules That Pluto is in Fact the Only Planet

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) in Prague, amending their 2006 definition, voted Tuesday to again redefine “planet,” now making Pluto the only planet in the solar system, just four years after it was banished in favor of an 8-planet solar system.

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