Spires and Gargoyles — Hogwarts

There is a moment on every campus tour when someone looks up at Holder Tower cutting the sky in two and whispers to their neighbor, “Wow, this place is just like Hogwarts.”

Spires and Gargoyles – Reunions 2014

A message from the chairman: It is 5 am on the Sunday morning after Reunions, you are under a tent at the 5th smoking a Camel, and you have seen some things. You…


Spires and Gargoyles – April 2014

Welcome back from Spring Break! With any luck, you spent your entire break on a remote, tropical island and were not stuck in time, trapped in a ululating hellscape woven between moments, because,…


Spires and Gargoyles – December 2013

Yesterday, I went to the office of President Eisgruber to request he accept my resignation from the position of Chairman of The Princeton Tiger and, consequently, director of covert operations at Princeton University.

What the Video Game You’re Playing This Fall Says About You

Resident Evil 6 You are impulsive and headstrong. You don’t listen to other people’s advice, even if there are thousands of them and they’re all shouting “DO NOT BUY THIS GAME”. Your deep…

The Real Reason the Dursleys Were Embarrassed to Take Harry Out in Public

KGR ’15  

Photo Contest

“Yeah man, the universe is like so ginormous that when you take a second think about it… we’re like all claustrophobic,” famed photographer David Hockney once said when asked about his ground-breaking work…

The Adventures of Sharkbat: Part 1!


Dean’s Date

The Great Paper Race On Tuesday, January 17, four writers were given a seemingly impossible task: write a paper on a topic they knew nothing about in 45 minutes or less.  This is…

Dan Brown in High School

Ever wonder what kind of childhood turns a normal writer into Dan Brown? Well, now you know.

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