Spires and Gargoyles – The America Issue

So, it’s been more than a month since the day the middle of America emerged from their underground tunnels to elect a xenophobic, spray-tanned member of the Lollipop Guild as President of the…

Spires and Gargoyles – “In the Nation’s Service”

Something magical happens when you sashay through Fitz-Randolph gate and enter the suburban paradise that is Princeton’s campus. Eisgruber sits in his office waving and fanning all the money from the university’s endowment…

1974  C- Denver - Newspapers - D.P. News office Bob Seaman - far right in doorway  Steve Larson - right of Bob Seaman in profile  Don Davis - right of Larson - wearing glasses  Chuck Green - next to Davis - in profile and seated  "Cap'n Billy" William G. Myers - Center of room by the "up and coming" sign front view, wearing glasses  Chuck Green  City editor   Denver Post newsroom City desk reporters 650 15th Street, Denver, Colorado newspaper   Archiveblog

How Advertising is Destroying the Freedom of the Press [Sponsored Content]

If Generation X was the Pepsi Generation, then Millennials are the Consumer Generation. In a world where young people primarily exist in online space, targeted ads are having a greater impact on the…

Spires and Gargoyles — Reunions 2015

A message from the chairman: The morning sun glances through the window, its light refracting off a half-empty handle of Tico’s Rum perched on the sill. You sit up and rub your eyes…


Spires and Gargoyles — Love, Actually

A Message from the Chairman Or is it Chairwoman? That’s right. While the boys were out cradling their fragile masculinity and enjoying the ordinary language of day-to-day existence that always includes their sex,…

Spires and Gargoyles — The Farce Awakens

A message from the chairman: Six hours. That’s the combined runtime of the first three Star Wars movies. Appreciate that number for a moment. Six hours. That’s a bad night’s sleep. That’s a day spent on Facebook…

Spires and Gargoyles — The Best Damn Place of All

A message from the chairman: Welcome to Princeton! Welcome to the Orange Bubble! Welcome to “the best damn place of all” or so I was told last Reunions by a sixty-year old alumnus, who screamed that phrase…


Spires & Gargoyles – Valentine’s Day 2015

Morning comes and you wake up in a cold sweat. A glance at the calendar and your worst suspicions are confirmed. February 14th is one day closer. Time has done what it always…


Spires and Gargoyles – December 2014

Here at The Princeton Tiger, we typically put together an issue in a single heart-pounding weekend of production marked by the debauched trinity of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll. But come Sunday morning, we awoke…


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