time travel

Vacation Suggestions for Time Travelers On a Budget

  History is filled with many beautiful and desirable destinations. Yet unfortunately, not everyone has the resources for a trip to Ancient Greece or elaborate futuristic resorts. We can’t all meet William Shakespeare…

British Flag

Differences Between UK and American English: A Primer

1. What we in the states call a “stout” or a “lager” will frequently be referred to by people in the UK as “breakfast,” and what we would call “beer”, they call “water.” 2. Words…


Rejected Senior Thesis Topics

• Ancient Aliens: The Origins of Eisgruber • Masturbation and Netflix: An Autobiography • That Secret Nazi Base in Antarctica: Fact or Fiction? • Sad Max: Dystopia and Depression • 2.5 Liters of My Own Spit, Collected over…


A Father from the 1950’s Trying to Explain Sex to His Son

Lights up on DAD. SON enters. DAD: Gosh, you really razzed my berries sneaking up on me like that. Whatcha you doing burning the midnight oil? SON: Hey dad I had a question I wanted…


Myth vs. Math

Some useful distinctions to help prepare yourself for a math class at Princeton! Myth: You will learn how to prove interesting mathematical statements like “e^iπ+1=0”. Math: You will struggle to prove the most trivial mathematical…

Know your roommate

Who is Your Roommate?

When you meet your roommate, it might be tough to see their real personality. Breaking down those natural walls will take some time, but nobody likes to wait! Take this quiz to get a better…

moral dillemmas

Moral Dilemmas

Some times in life we are forced to make those tough decisions, where morality is hard (if not impossible) to discern. Here are a few ethical dilemmas that will make you question your own moral compass. Enjoy!…


Game of Thrones Horoscopes

Pick your star sign and see what next month will bring in the world of Ice and Fire. Aries Look out, Aries! A sudden imbalance in power may rear its ugly head. You might…


Everything You Wanted To Know About Clubs at Princeton

  Q: So how do I go about joining a club? A: Good question. We recommend starting by attending the Activities Fair in the fall. As you will soon discover, Princeton is an…


The Tiger Guide to Ivy League Winter Fashion

Looking for the hottest styles to wear during the cold months ahead? Look no further.

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