Is Your Teen Doing “Weed?”

Has your child been acting strangely in recent years? Odds are, they are using illegal drugs to become “high.” Be on the lookout for the following telltale signs.


Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Children

When deciding whether or not to have a baby, it’s important to consider that human beings are the environment’s greatest threat. Every exhalation is a bullet in the wheel of Mother Nature’s motorcade. Before you try conceiving, remember that there are other, environmentally conscious options.


My Juice Cleanse, Day 40

40 days ago, I started a quest to purify my body and soul via liquefied kale, and I’d love to share my thoughts on how it’s going with you guys! Let’s start with what I think are the main pros and cons so far.


Arts & Transit & DRUGS Neighborhood??

The University claims that construction on the southwest side of campus is for a new “Arts & Transit Neighborhood,” to be completed by 2017. But by every indication of the current construction project,…

Early Admissions

-AD ’16


How to Make Your Secret Crush Notice You in 15 Easy Steps

1. Be Bold!  Guys like bold. Send an email with a menial request to a listserv you knowhe’s on. Use a bold font. 2. Show him a sign!  Slip a printout of the…

Lonely Place_2

A Lonely Place

I sat in the dark, face lit only by the gentle hues of an unrefreshed Friendsy page. How could I sleep, knowing full well my woman could be out with some other man?

Dr Sex

Ask Dr. Sex

A lot of people have asked me where my favorite place to do the sex is. I always tell these people that there is no place better than Prospect Garden. But it is no easy task because I assume that you want to keep it a secret from onlookers and P-Safe. Let me take a couple of moments to explain the best strategy.


Secrets to a Shredded Bod

Worried about packing on that winter weight? Looking to ward off the Freshman Fifteen? Tired of your preceptor calling you Fatty McLovehandles? Whatever your reason, you want to get shredded. But who has the time? Now YOU do, thanks to these 5 secrets that Buddhist Monks have been using to get ripped quickly for thousands of years.


All-Nighter Liveblog

Looks like I’ve put off my philosophy paper until the last minute! It’s on Kant… as in I KANT deal with this right now! So I’m gonna live blog my FIRST EVER ALL-NIGHTER for you guys, my faithful followers. LOL! #pumped #wishmeluck

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