Before us in the halls of history are those we are told are heroes: Hemingway, Churchill, Bonaparte. We have rejected them. We have selected our heroes: Tripler, dril, dogboner. We are the millennials. Twitter dot com is what we do.


5 Ways to Spice Up Your Academic Life

Already tired of studying for your classes? Looking for that extra OOMPH in the library? We here at the Tiger get it: it’s past the free Add/Drop period, and the honeymoon is over. Studying can get to be a real bore, especially when you’ve committed yourself to seeing only certain subjects. So here are a few pointers to keep things fresh in the library!


College Confidential Guide to Dating at Princeton

Dating can be stressful. The pressure to have a date as you go to a senseless, drunken orgy of a party is only increasing with time. But don’t fret, because College Confidential has 3 easy tips to help you poach a tiger.


How to Succeed in Precept (Without Really Trying)

Woodrow Wilson’s little-known fifteenth point was “there should be precepts,” and today he is remembered more for his dedication to the idea of student discussions than for his fervent anti-Semitism. Some find precepts a great forum for exchanging ideas, others find them an efficient means of identifying the biggest tools on campus, but whatever your opinion, you’re going to have to go to precept. Sometimes.

Dorm Party Do’s and Don’ts

School’s back in session. Time to wipe off that intern-sweat and shiv your boredom with the cool dagger of excessive drinking.


Hookup Horticulture

You’ve heard a lot of exciting stuff about the Hookup Culture here in the realm of tertiary education. You’re trying to get in on that, but how? You know you have to find…


How to Be Funny

College is one of the few opportunities you’ll ever get to totally reinvent yourself. No one on campus knows your high school nickname was “Prince Shartsalot” or that you ‘accidentally’ made out with…

A Letter to Eisgruber: Eisgruber’s Response

Yesterday, our Chairman sent this e-mail to President Eisgruber.  Much to our surprise, he soon replied. ——————————————– Dear Timothy, Thank you for these extremely delinquent congratulations.  As you might imagine, Tiger Magazine’s felicitations…


11 Tips for Awkward Interactions

Stepping onto the sidewalk means facing a world wrought with potential dangers. Oh crap, look, it’s someone you know! You’re supposed to remember their name. Do you say hi first, do you look into their eyes, at their hair, their hands? What’s appropriate these days!? Your ass clenches up in indecision as they approach.


Excuses For Your Busted Bracket

As the Round of Fleeting Hope slides into the Bittersweet Sixteen, you will need a way to recoup self-esteem and deflect criticism that both of your predicted championship game participants have already exited, and that an Empty Eight is an all-too-real possibility for your once-beautiful bracket. Luckily, The Tiger has your back.

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