The 8 Ways to Get Home for Winter Break

Via car, with your parents Stare broodingly out the window while your mom aggressively interrogates you on your romantic prospects. Pray for the sweet embrace of death. Via car, with someone you randomly…

Quick Spanish for Travelers

Hello ¡Hola! Goodbye Adiós How are you? ¿Cómo estás? I speak a little Spanish. Hablo un poco de español. My name is… Me llamo… Where is the bathroom? ¿Dónde está el baño? I…

OA Shop Final

Outdoor Action 2014: Tips and Tricks

This year, from August 30th to September 5th, approximately 800 freshman from the class of 2018 will participate in Princeton’s Outdoor Action program. To any and all anxious freshmen, here are a few…


Emoticons for an Evolving Age

Sometimes a crude, punctuation-based picture is worth a small collection of words. And in this age of smartphones, where texting could transform at any moment into meaningful conversation, never has the conservation of…


How to Be Funny

College is one of the few opportunities you’ll ever get to totally reinvent yourself. No one on campus knows your high school nickname was “Prince Shartsalot” or that you ‘accidentally’ made out with…


11 Tips for Awkward Interactions

Stepping onto the sidewalk means facing a world wrought with potential dangers. Oh crap, look, it’s someone you know! You’re supposed to remember their name. Do you say hi first, do you look into their eyes, at their hair, their hands? What’s appropriate these days!? Your ass clenches up in indecision as they approach.

How To Choose Which Child to Sacrifice

Sometimes, life can throw you a curveball. Worse yet, life can throw a bone-crushing 98 mph fastball directly at your head. Writers generally refer to this as tragedy. Tragedy can take the form…

Your Own Riot in Eight Easy Steps

Complacency is a disease. It eats away at creativity, ambition, and progress. More importantly, it leads to a dull Saturday night. Fortunately, there is a simple, sure-fire cure: rioting. Starting your own riot…

Do’s and Don’ts of Video Conferences

Whether you’re Skyping a coworker, interviewing via video chat, or spending your so-called vacation in the Bahamas dealing with a work crisis, chances are you need a little guidance on just what you…

How I Would Use The Harry Potter Franchise

J.K. Rowling recently hinted to Oprah that she might consider writing more Harry Potter books. In the spirit of sucking any remaining life out of the franchise, here are some real-life products they…

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