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Ever wanted to find out? Take this quiz! Do you ever? Sometimes I never ever Once, but I don’t like talking about it I always Do you speak? I speak for a living…

Honor Code

I’m Pretty Sure the Honor Code Doesn’t Say Anything About an Honest Mistake Between Two Cousins

  As a Princeton student, I take great pride in my adherence to the University Honor Code. In the past, I’ve looked to “Rights, Rules, Responsibilities” for insights on everything from lab research…


Illuminati Application Tips

So you’ve graduated from an elite university, been part of a few secret societies, burnt a few rival mascots in effigy, and you’re wondering: what’s next? Well, you just might be qualified to…


I’ve Started Using the Up/Down Toilet Flush System to Coordinate my Hookups–Here’s Why You Should Too!

Most of you all are probably quite familiar with the popular hookup app Tinder. Perhaps even more of you are familiar with Princeton’s world-renowned two-flush toilet system–up for liquids, down for solids. But…


Testing Tips for Finals Period from the Honor Code Committee

It’s that time of the year again. Final exams are upon us and with finals come Honor Code violations. There’s always a lot of question about policies and we here at the Honor…


George Washington’s Rules for Most Satisfactory Love-Making

George Washington, the famously fastidious founding paternal figure, wrote down rules for etiquette still held sacred by many Americans. Less well-known but equally important are his Rules for Most Satisfactory Love-Making, presented below for the first…


How to Lose a Lover in 10 Words

We know you, Princeton student. You hate commitment! You complain about semesters that are only 12 weeks long and can’t even stay in a lecture for a full hour. So if you’re in a relationship…


Find Your True Love

How to find your true love Find a romantic location, maybe a coffee shop, a bookstore, or a scenic overlook. Let other males know you have claimed the romantic location as your territory…


Relationship Advice from Steve the Zookeeper

Dear Steve, I’ve been on a couple dates with this girl and I feel like she might want to go a little further than kissing and cuddling. The only problem is, I’m a little nervous about my…


Things To Do With Your Awkward Arm While Being The Big Spoon

» Snapchat your friends so everyone knows you’re capable of making genuine human connection #cuddling » Finally adjust your clock for Daylight Saving Time » Play a kickin’ piano solo with your jazz trio » Put…

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