Opinion: A Repudiation of Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban, Completely Unrelated to the Fact That I May Have Left My Computer Charger in Iran

I firmly oppose the President’s decision to bar Muslims from the US: the executive order violates human rights, divides the country into “us” and “them,” and blatantly ignores the Constitution (and also, I…


I’m Beginning to Think My Lab’s “Smasherator” Experiments are Unnecessarily Cruel to Lab Mice

Let me begin by saying that I’m not an animal rights activist or anything. As a Princeton student studying Molecular Biology, I have experimented on my share of live mice in the pursuit…


My Journalistic Integrity Demands This Scathing Review of Dearest Malcolm’s Lackluster Performance in Rent: the Musical

On Friday night, Princeton’s premier student-run theater organization staged their interpretation of Rent: the Musical. The set design was inspired, the accompaniment moving, and the performances were, with one exception, heartfelt and stirring….

Couple driving convertible car in countryside, waving arms,  rear view

Five Places in America To Visit If You Really Have Nothing Better To Do

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, Allentown PA This fairly run-of-the-mill theme park in eastern Pennsylvania is probably good for a moderately amusing afternoon. It’s Peanuts-themed, which is kind of fun, though most of…


3 Tips on Finally Coming Out to the Person You’ve Been Relentlessly Cyberbullying

#1. Be ready for the worst Maybe this will not change anything for Gary. Maybe he will say, “I love you no matter what,” “I am proud of who you are,” or “I…

How to Draw a Political Cartoon

How To Write a Political Cartoon

Well, hey there, palerinos, are you boys and girls excited to learn how to draw the fuck out of some political cartoons? I know I sure am! Political cartoons are the height of…


ISIS Claims Responsibility For La La Land

On Friday afternoon, terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for the box office sensation and Oscar hopeful, La La Land. The Islamic State released a video that clearly depicts five members of the organization holding…


A Mad Libs College Essay

It’s the month of December, which means millions of high school seniors across the United States are working on their last-minute college essays. We at The Princeton Tiger are here to help with…


7 Local Restaurants that Will Probably Still Serve You If You Insist on Bringing my Uncle Leslie

My Uncle Leslie’s years of disruptive behavior have made him an unwelcome presence at most local establishments. If, for some reason, you’re convinced you’d like to dine with him, here are seven local…


Don’t Rent Out Your Roommate’s Bed on AirBnB

September is here, which means that thousands of college freshmen across the country will be moving into their homes for the next four years. It’s an exciting time: you’ll likely make new friends,…

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