Incredible! Follow These 5 Tips for a Revolutionary Relationship!

Fellow Countrymen, As General Washington’s troops press on towards Yorktown, King George’s tyranny grows less certain every day. Yet, it behooves us to remember that the driving forces behind any revolution are the…


Wow: J.J. Abrams Has Already Directed Several Movies, But They’re Still Letting Him Direct Another

A few months ago, J. J. Abrams was confirmed as the director for the upcoming Star Wars film The Force Awakens, the first installment in the franchise’s highly anticipated sequel trilogy. Most fans…


Characters We’d Like to See in the New Star Wars Movie

The Force Awakens would be so awesome if these characters made an appearance! R2-D2 But With Muscles (Jedi) R2-D2 is one of the most recognizable robots in movie history. His squat, rounded frame…


Did You Know: The Curiosity Rover Will Drink Itself to Death After 50 Years of Isolation!

If you’re a space geek like us, you probably knew that every August, the Mars Curiosity Rover celebrates its birthday by singing to itself. After all, it gets lonely up there! But you…


Genius Roommate Knows Exactly What Characters in The Thing Should Have Done

In an unexpected turn of events, local roommate Keith Anderson declared that he had solved the dilemma of the characters in John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi horror film, The Thing. In a press conference…

Beach Boys Photo

Songs the Beach Boys Would Have Sung If They Were A Christian Rock Group

• “Baptized by Breakers” • “Jesus is the Only Surfboard I Need” • “The 11th Commandment: Stay Salty” • “God Put the ‘G’ in Gnarly” • “Bible Banzai!” • “Are There Beach Babes…


America’s Sexiest Currently Tenured Ivy League Presidents

Christina Paxson (Brown University) A young, spry, 55 year-old seductress, Christina Paxson was elected the 19th President of Brown University back in 2012. And ever since then, Brown’s balmy Rhode Island campus has…

Confused looking man


Ever wanted to find out? Take this quiz! Do you ever? Sometimes I never ever Once, but I don’t like talking about it I always Do you speak? I speak for a living…

Point Counterpoint

Point/Counterpoint – If You’re Not Going to Move, Get Out of the Way! vs. Excuse Me, This is an Arch Sing

Point: If You’re Not Going to Move, Get Out of the Way! By Max Philips ’19 No other way to say it: I’m a busy man. I’ve got classes, meetings, and interviews all…

brian williams

EXCLUSIVE: The First Interview with Brian Williams Since His Suspension

Yesterday morning, Brian Williams came down to The Princeton Tiger’s headquarters at 48 University Place for an interview with a member of our revered editorial staff. This is the anchor’s first interview since…

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