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Ever wanted to find out? Take this quiz! Do you ever? Sometimes I never ever Once, but I don’t like talking about it I always Do you speak? I speak for a living…

Point Counterpoint

Point/Counterpoint – If You’re Not Going to Move, Get Out of the Way! vs. Excuse Me, This is an Arch Sing

Point: If You’re Not Going to Move, Get Out of the Way! By Max Philips ’19 No other way to say it: I’m a busy man. I’ve got classes, meetings, and interviews all…

brian williams

EXCLUSIVE: The First Interview with Brian Williams Since His Suspension

Yesterday morning, Brian Williams came down to The Princeton Tiger’s headquarters at 48 University Place for an interview with a member of our revered editorial staff. This is the anchor’s first interview since…


12 Times John Goodman Made Us The Thirstiest in 2014

1. 2014 was a truly #thirsty year for #teamJG with human salt-lick John Goodman making more red carpet appearances than ever before. 2. We’re guessing this Big Lebowski star has a Big LeWOWski…


Timeline of a Bro’s Date

4:30 pm Decided to take my girl to Olive Garden after I thought about last time I went there with my bro Mike. We only ordered breadsticks and Dos Equis. It was savage. 4:35 pm Got…


Attractive Fraternity Brother Has “Right Attitude” for Bicker

According to multiple friends, attractive Kappa Alpha member Jeff Clarke ’17 is going to do great in Bicker. “Jeff is just a fun guy – any club would be lucky to have someone…


The 54 Most Influential Books of the Last Millennium

Find out the 54 most important works of literature that have been published in the last 1000 years.


Princeton in the Movies!

Last month, actor/director James Franco filmed several scenes from his upcoming blockbuster, The Sound and the Fury, on Princeton’s campus. Here are some other famous films that were also filmed at Princeton… See how many you can recognize!


Rejected Hardy Boys Titles

The Hardy Boys and The Secret of the Internship Search The Hardy Boys and The Key to Dad’s Liquor Cabinet The Hardy Boys and The Juxtapositions of Narratives:  A Deconstruction of Gendered Characterization Paradigms in Postmodern…


Green Is Good

Seattle, WA. 11:25 am. The trendy green products markets open at 11:30. It’s game time.

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