Rejected Freshman Seminars

FRS 191 Nazi Gold: Every Single History Channel Documentary Played Over the Course of the Semester

FRS 144 Talking About Infinite Jest Without Having Read Infinite Jest

FRS 155 Memes as Modern Art

FRS 305: Welcome to Miami: A Professor’s Excuse to Get a Paid Trip to Miami

FRS 113: A Study of the 20th Century: Ranking the Countries from Best to Worst

FRS 114: A Study of the 20th Century: Ranking the Countries from Best to Worst, Based on Number of John Wayne’s Produced since 1907

FRS 125: Basics of Branding: What Does Your NetID Say About You?

FRS 164: Fuck Your Dreams: Getting Prepared to Work at Goldman Sachs Whether You Want to or Not

FRS 116: Squids

FRS 122: The Science of Matrimony: Using Bread to Explore How to Make Me a Goddamn Sandwich, Cathy

FRS 110: Frosh Week and More: How to Not Take Vodka Shots Like a Little Bitch

FRS 138: The Phone Book: A literary workshop on a timeless medium

FRS 154: Politics, Gender, and, your host for the evening, JIMMY FALLON!!

FRS 117: The Evolution of Domesticated Animals: Who’s a Good Boy? Who’s a Good Boy, Huh? You’re a Good Boy. Oh Yes You Are.

FRS 182 Religion in the Classroom: a Socratic Exploration of Students’ Personal Faiths and Their Most Controversial Opinions on Their Classmates’

FRS 119 It’s Chowder Time!: A Time for Chowder

FRS 152: Ethics in Finance



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