Eager Freshmen Become Best Friends with Facebook Spambot

The security of the ‘Princeton Class of 2021’ Facebook group was called into question this week, as multiple freshmen claimed they could see themselves “getting along really well” with a spam profile anonymously added to the group. Despite the profile – named Bêçký Ąƚvaŗęż – being bare bar a highly saturated picture of a teenage girl and a link to livejasmin.com, many freshmen found a lot in common with the girl’s post in the group: “Heý, anyone like havvng fun? Look here: www.jrf^&.nl/8O6sj.jspx.”

Though the hoax seemed obvious to most students at first glance, it became clear that this fact was lost on others, particularly those whose profile picture prominently featured the CLASS OF 2021 photo booth from Preview.

“I like having fun Becky, can’t wait to see you at Orientation! Go Tigers!” said Madeleine from Kansas City.

“Omg I can tell we’re going to be friends,” commented Daniel Schmidt from Portland, OR.

“Clicked on the link but a pop up came up for some reason! Does anyone else hate it when that happens? I made a poll below so y’all can let me know what you think!” said another.

The Office of Information Technology has removed the spambot from the group, but admits that they’ve received some pushback from the affected students, who claim that removing the profile from Facebook could pose some problems when they’re trying to tell Bêçký where their weekly study group will be meeting on campus.


-BC ’20

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