These 8 Incoming College Freshmen Were Accepted by All 8 Ivy Leagues, Collectively

Think your high school accomplishments were impressive? Think again.

In the spring of 2017, eight high schools seniors opened their letters of acceptance to Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Dartmouth and Brown, respectively.

Talk about choices– too many choices!

When Kelly Altenburg, NY, got into Brown, she was ecstatic – probably just as much as George Fernandez, Sheila Thompson and Helen Chang, who also each got into one Ivy League.

“I applied for Brown and got in,” said the humble Altenburg, whose achievement, huddled together with that of seven other teenagers in the country, is really quite something.

Martin Davidson, a Florida native who became his high school’s hockey captain and student body president, received his acceptance from Princeton.

“I applied to the other Ivy’s too, and I thought maybe I could get into all eight,” Davidson said.

He didn’t, but luckily, seven other teens in the country (no relation to Davidson) came to the rescue and got into the other ones, so as a part of a larger cluster, Davidson did pretty well, all things considered.

Achieving distinction even within this group, George Fernandez, a Brooklyn slam poet extraordinaire, got into two Ivy’s: Dartmouth and Yale. Overachieve much, George?

Doug Johnson, Delaware resident, did not get into any Ivy’s.


-KZ ’20

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