Opinion: A Repudiation of Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban, Completely Unrelated to the Fact That I May Have Left My Computer Charger in Iran

I firmly oppose the President’s decision to bar Muslims from the US: the executive order violates human rights, divides the country into “us” and “them,” and blatantly ignores the Constitution (and also, I may or may not have left my computer charger in Iran; but that is irrelevant).

This isn’t about terrorism– this is a straight-up Muslim Ban. No fatals terrorist attacks have every been attributed to countries like Iran, a place which, by sheer coincidence, also happens to be the destination of my recent study abroad trip. The ban disrupts the lives of numerous immigrants who have legally obtained American Visas, one of whom, I feel obliged to mention, is keeping my charger until I can go to Iran again.

We need to resist Trump’s tyranny– the fact that I really need my computer charger is neither here nor there. The only thing motivating me, truly, is my commitment to religious tolerance.

Would it benefit me, personally, to live in a tolerant democracy that allows me to go back to Iran so that I can get my charger back? Maybe. Would my life be easier if I didn’t have to drive to a Best Buy every time I needed to check my email? Sure. But that’s not why I’m against the ban. I’m against the ban because America needs unity and tolerance now, more than ever.

That being said, if the President were to amend his order to by making exception for Iran, I would be okay with that (for reasons completely unrelated to my computer charger).


-KZ ’20

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