The REAL Freshman Dictionary: 20 Terms Every Princeton Freshman Should Know


Alcohol Initiative /al-kuh-hawl ih-nish-ee-uh-tiv/ n. Take the initiative to consume more alcohol. Shots, bitch!

Bicker /bik-er/ n. The time for all those debate team kids to shine. Eating clubs that use the bicker method are more exclusive, so they hold debate tournaments and choose the cream of the crop. Handy for the clubs to argue their way out of harassment claims.

The Daily Princetonian /dey-lee prins-toh-nee-uhn/ n. The official outlet for the “my father will hear about this” generation.

Dead Week /ded week/ n. One week in which McCosh is closed and all policing and disciplinary systems are shut down. All crime is legal and all undergrads, graduate students, and associate professors are fair game. Curve ruiners, beware.

Dean’s Date /deens deyt/ n. Stay away from Dean. He is the biggest fuckboy on campus. I hate you, Dean.

Eating Club /ee-ting kluhb/ n. Instead of forks or knives, the elite of Princeton use clubs to shovel food into their mouths. It’s how it was done in the old days, which makes it inherently better.

Firestone /fahyuhr-stohn/ n. Where the rings of power were forged. “Cast it into the Firestone, Isildor!”

Free and For Sale /free and fawr seyl/ n. My dignity and my silence, respectively.

Late Meal /leyt meel/ n. The economic equivalent of two TI passes and a third of an Ivy pass.

McCosh /muh-kosh/ n. Take an Econ exam while getting an STD test! A one stop shop for all the exams your growing body and brain might need.

Netflix and Chill /net-fliks and chil/ v. The practice of eating copious amounts of ice cream and watching mindless 20-minute episodes of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. Behavior most observed during finals week or any time a big paper is due.

P-Safe /pee-seyf/ n. Special-ops-trained agents assigned to the exhilarating task of neutralizing the threat of  debauched, drunken, hormone-driven pre-adults away from home for the first time.

Prospect 12 /pros-pekt twelv/ n. Some students try to complete the Prospect Eleven, consuming eleven beers on the street. Take it a bit further by knocking on the door of Prospect House and asking for a fill-up. Extra points if there’s an event going on inside.

R3 /ahr three/ n. Practically as hard as a thesis. Seniors will find a kindred spirit in your incessant complaining and invite you to everything because you’re so relatable.

Snapchat /snap-chat/ n. Princeton’s wifi has access to all the nudes you send on snapchat, which are then uploaded to your Tigerbook. See “Tigerbook”.

Tigerbook /tahy-ger-book/ n. Get to know your classmates’ hometowns, dorms, roommates, and pictures before you even meet them!  Everyone loves an overachiever and making friends is no exception.

Writing Sem /rahy-ting sem/ n. A program designed to help students figure out who “that guy” is in every class. Please just put your hand down, Mark.

YikYak /yik-yak/ n. As the campus’ most politically correct forum, it also hosts the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding which eating clubs are open, on pass, or on list. Just ask!

-MP’19, KW’19

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