11 Honor Code Hacks Your Professors Don’t Want You To Know


Now some of you may have heard of Princeton’s stringent honor code, perhaps even heard horror stories of what has happened to its victims. Well, not to worry! We at the Tiger scoured the honor code for tricks and loopholes you could use to get ahead in your classes. Check it out!


  • Sign the honor code in blood to challenge the professor to hand-to-hand combat.
  • While your professor is distracted correcting your exam, you can punch him in the face and steal his wallet.
  • Bring a box of snakes into the exam. This won’t actually help you, but as far as we know, the Honor Code doesn’t technically prohibit it.
  • Win the favor of the grader by attaching photographs of his wife and children to your exam.
  • One-way mirrors.
  • Bring a life-size cardboard cutout of yourself to the exam, leave it in your seat, and sneak out unnoticed. Nice!
  • On second thought, you can write down answers on the snakes ahead of time and pull them out when you’re stumped.
  • Build a fence around your desk during the exam and declare it a sovereign nation. The honor code is not recognized in the Democratic People’s Republic of Desk.
  • Distract fellow test-takers and beat the curve by showing up to the exam without a pancreas.
  • Take advantage of the Papa John’s Big Meals Big Deals® combo by ordering an extra large pizza and a two-liter soda for just $12.99!
  • Eat a hearty breakfast the morning of the exam and get lots of sleep. I swear to god we double-checked this like five times and we are now certain that the honor code says nothing about your diet or sleeping habits, despite the serious advantage it would give you over your sleep-deprived and malnourished classmates.


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