The Tiger Guide to Ivy League Winter Fashion

Looking for the hottest styles to wear during the cold months ahead? Look no further. If you want to upgrade your appearance, the Princeton Tiger’s got you covered. Here are our top picks for 2015:fashion11. Vest-Scarf Combo: This combination of a 100% merino wool scarf, a trendy cardigan, and being incredibly attractive with a chiseled jaw and rugged good looks is sure to be a hit this winter!

fashion22. Oversized scarf, sweater, and boots: A match made in heaven! If you want to make a lasting impression during the holidays, try match thigh-high boots, an oversized sweater, an extra-large scarf, and being conventionally attractive with perfect facial symmetry.


3. Classic shirt and tie: Keep it classic with a modern flair by pairing a more traditional button-down shirt with a patterned silk tie, flawless skin, a beautiful face, and a perfect body.


4. Winter dress, necklace, and belt: Nothing says winter fashion more than a warm yet stylish dress matched with the perfect accessories, hair, legs, and smile. People will struggle to keep their jaws off the floor when they see how this outfit makes your objectively attractive eyes, mouth, ears, and nose pop!


5. Whatever this is: If you have perfectly aligned teeth, an unbelievable figure, and eyes that stop people in their tracks, just slap on whatever this thing is and hit the town. I don’t even know what it’s called. But honestly, does it really matter? You’re extremely hot. You can wear literally anything. You could put on mustard-stained sweatpants and a free promotional t-shirt from Denny’s and get at least 100 likes on Facebook.  You could wear a garbage bag filled with day-old shrimp and still be blanketed in a deluge of sincere compliments. You could straight up cover yourself in mayonnaise and wear a balloon animal hat and people would ask you who you were wearing. At the end of the day, all you need to look cute and trendy this fall is a little creativity, a little flair, and an absolutely perfect physical appearance!

-MWG ’16



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