10 Things Right-Handed People Will Never Understand

None of your right-handed friends get our struggles, and it almost seems like the world is designed for everyone else. Here are some frustrations every lefty goes through!

  1. You’re trying to interrogate someone, but the brass knuckles won’t fit on your hand. You just know it’s going to chafe the next day!
    first image

  2. How are you supposed to ink out the names of political dissidents without smearing?
    2nd image

  3. Nikolai always makes fun of you for wearing your Makarov holster on the wrong side. More like the right side!
    3rd image

  4. When the comrade next to you in the firing squad is a righty, and you bump elbows.
    Real 4th image

  5. Say goodbye to using these for emergency weapons.
    4th image
  6. Could writing down Big Sergei’s orders in a spiral notebook be any more inconvenient?
    6th image
  7. And don’t get me started on pens…
    7th image
  8. At least you can make sure every re-education camp has a few of these:
    8th image

  9. On the bright side, we lefties are more creative- you know Yuri and Dmitri couldn’t dispose of those bodies on their own!
    9th image
  10. Coffee mugs.
    10th image

–GW ’16

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