Nevertheless, Woman to Bicker T.I.


In a move that has stunned observers, local woman Laura Blake ’17 has evidently decided, nevertheless, to bicker Tiger Inn.

Blake, who identifies as a woman and was accepted to Princeton University, for God’s sake, carries a 3.6 GPA, which means she must be pretty intelligent. Still, she reached the decision that T.I would be the best place for her.

“It sounds like it’s a really fun place,” Blake said. “I always have fun when I go there, and the people seem pretty chill if you just hang out with them.”

Blake’s friend David Newman ’17 said he was surprised and had tried to change Blake’s mind.

“Laura was pretty determined to bicker T.I., even after all that stuff,” Newman said. “I was like, ‘Aren’t you worried about – you know – that whole thing?’ But she was like, ‘Nah.’”

Blake’s decision raised eyebrows among campus social-science experts.

“It’s a move that doesn’t make much sense, given everything,” said Andrea Silverstein, Chair of the Department of Sociology. “I guess I applaud her for making her own decision?”

Blake said she was aware of “that stuff in the Prince” but that she was confident it was “overblown” and that the club’s membership would treat her with nothing but respect. Male T.I. members agreed.

“Laura would absolutely fit in here,” one said. “As long as she’s a chill girl who likes drinking beer, watching a game or whatever, she’ll be fine.”

SBW ’15

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