Hosed Bickerees Grateful for Sympathetic Facebook Post

hosedSophomores who were recently hosed from Tower reported Friday that they were grateful for the show of support they received from Tower members via Facebook.

“If things didn’t work out for you this week, know that in the end, Bicker is truly not that important,” wrote Drew Fox ’15, who successfully bickered Tower two years ago and took part in the club’s Bicker decision-making process.

“I really enjoyed getting to know all of you, and I know you guys all have great things ahead of you, whether or not things went your way this time,” he added.

Rejected potential members rushed to thank Fox for his magnanimity.

“I was shattered when I didn’t get in. It was like my whole world was crashing down and I had no idea whether or not I would have a social life for the next two years,” one hosed bickeree said. “Reading that Drew didn’t consider Bicker important was a huge relief. It really made me want to hang out at Tower with my friends who got in.”

“I’m just glad to know he doesn’t consider it important,” agreed another. “It’s comforting that he and the other members won’t judge me just because they didn’t let me in.”

Fox said he wrote the post because, even though he got in, some of his best friends had been hosed in the past. It was only through his repeated assurance that he still wanted to be their friend, he said, that he was able to keep those relationships intact.

“I think, in a lot of ways, it’s almost harder when you’re the ones making the decisions about who gets in,” Fox said. “We were in there for hours, debating and going back and forth. It was brutal. I’m glad this was the last time I’ll have to do it.”

Rejected bickerees, in turn, attempted to comfort Fox.

“We don’t want Drew to feel bad,” said Nathan LaJoie ’17, who was hosed. “I wouldn’t have wanted to be one of the ones making that decision.”

“I know he fought for me in there, so I feel bad that he didn’t get his way,” said another hosed bickeree, Natalie Frond ’17. “Hopefully he’ll invite me to Tower sometime so I can make sure he knows I’m not holding him responsible for what happened.”

SBW ’15

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