Club’s Bicker Process Not Like the Other Clubs’ Bicker Processes

capiMuch to the relief of several worried sophomores, Angela Franklin ’15 assured potential bickerees that Cap & Gown’s Bicker process was “totally different” from that of the other clubs.

“I was worried it would be humiliating, but Angela told us about these fun games they play, and how it’s really more just about hanging out, getting to know people,” said one sophomore, who asked not to be identified.

Franklin said she wanted to make sure nobody was afraid of bickering Cap, because she had “a universally positive experience” when she bickered two years ago and did not want anyone to deprive themself of the fun.

“People hear horror stories about other clubs’ Bicker, and it turns them off of the whole thing,” Franklin said. “I think other clubs get really uptight about Bicker and it becomes this whole high-maintenance thing, but we’re not like other clubs. We’re way more laid back, and we think Bicker should be about having fun, whether you end up getting in or not.”

Franklin was optimistic that Cap would get a fantastic new bicker class, saying she “loved everyone [she] met” during bicker last year. She added that Cap is looking to take around 46% of bickerees, the same as last year, but that she would love to see that number go as high as 50%.

SBW ’15

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