University Winter Recess Reminders

winter recess

  • Lower heat settings
  • Unplug non-essential electronics
  • Check your privilege
  • Turn off all lights
  • Light some candles
  • Put on some Marvin Gaye
  • Remove all personal items from laundry rooms
  • Remove all personal items from all other rooms
  • Remove yourself from your room
  • Dispose of all trash, recycling, and evidence
  • Turn off alarm clock
  • Avenge me
  • Seal and store opened food containers, dispose of outdated food items
  • Dispose of outdated clothing items, especially that awful burgundy sweater
  • Secure door and remember to take your TigerCard with you
  • Secure windows and remember to take exam-induced anxiety with you
  • Feed the dog
  • Tell Austin how you feel – if you don’t, you’ll always regret it
  • Enjoy your break!

-SBW ’15

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